Guide to Accessible Solutions

Navigating the world of inclines and ramps has never been easier, thanks to the Incline Calculator Tool. Our tool is an assistive device meticulously designed to help you identify the perfect access solution tailored to your specific needs.

A stair lift with a blue seat next to stairs.
A woman in a wheelchair is getting into a van.

Simplify Your Ramp Selection

The Incline Calculator streamlines the process by guiding you through a few simple steps. By inputting your rise and incline requirements, the tool swiftly calculates the optimal ramp length for your needs. Transform your daily routine with our roll-in showers, Walk-in Tubs, Mobility Products, and a range of devices designed for accessibility and convenience.

Determining the Correct Ramp Length

  • Measure the vertical distance from the top step or landing to the ground (the rise).
  • ADA requires one foot of ramp for each inch of rise. For example, a 10" rise should equal a 10" ramp length.
  • Contact us if you have questions or want to decide on the best product for you.
  • WARNING! Always have a trained assistant present when using the ramp at any slope.

The Incline Calculator is designed solely for calculating rise and run. For specific applications, please refer to individual product pages.


Make Informed Decisions

Empower yourself to make informed decisions about your access solutions with EZ Home Access. Read the terms and conditions carefully before making any decision.